Australian alpine seed and seedling ecology

Alpine daisy


This ARC linkage project examines the seed and seedling ecology of Alpine plants with an aim to conseration and management under climate change

The Australian alpine is critically vulnerable to climate change. Many alpine plant species are under threat of extinction. We will investigate how climate change will affect the reproductive ecology and demography of Australian alpine flora. Our novel approach will place particular emphasis on maternal or cross-generational effects on viability offspring success. We will also develop state-of-the-art seed banking methods, based on germination, dormancy and longevity studies, for conservation of alpine seeds in seed banks and botanic gardens. Outcomes will lead to effective monitoring, management and conservation of Australia’s alpine flora, and educate a wide audience about conservation of our national alpine biodiversity.

For more on this topic see these papers from lab members:

  • Hoyle, G. L., H. Cordiner, R. B. Good and A. B. Nicotra (2014). "Effects of reduced winter duration on seed dormancy and germination in six populations of the alpine herb Aciphyllya glacialis (Apiaceae)." Conservation Physiology 2(1): cou015.
  • Briceño, V. F., D. Harris-Pascal, A. B. Nicotra, E. Williams and M. C. Ball (2014). "Variation in snow cover drives differences in frost resistance in seedlings of the alpine herb Aciphylla glacialis " Environmental and Experimental Botany in press.
  • Hoyle, G. L., S. E. Venn, K. J. Steadman, R. B. Good, E. J. McAuliffe, E. R. Williams and A. B. Nicotra (2013). "Soil warming increases plant species richness but decreases germination from the alpine soil seed bank." Global Change Biology 19: 1549-1561.
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This project is a collaboration between ANU, the Australian National Botanic Gardens, the Friends of the ANBG and University of Queensland.

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