Brown Group - Open source phenomics technologies and novel tool development for improving knowledge discovery

We manage the ANU node of the NCRIS funded Australian Plant Phenomics Facility (APPF). Our work focuses on:
1. Delivering world class growth facilities and phenotyping capabilities to national and international academic and commercial clients.
2. Developing scalable open source software and hardware systems for enabling phenomics and environmental monitoring in lab and field environments.
3. Solving challenging data management, visualization and data access problems for large phenomics datasets, particularly time-series and 3D geospatial data.
4. Building novel user interfaces for improved visualization and intuitive analysis of complex high dimensional datasets software with a particular focus on virtual and augmented reality applications.

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PS Webinar Series: Figuring out Stumpy- getting to the root of the problem

Event | Wed 7 July 2021
In a screen for root mutants of wheat we targeted long hairs as a desirable trait to improve the efficiency of phosphate uptake from soil.