Brock Group - Membrane structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics

Biological membranes differentiate our cells from the extracellular environment, and those of micro-organisms that cause disease. Essential to the function of these bio-membranes are the protein molecules embedded within them. Our research group uses X-ray crystallography and Cryo-Electron Microscopy to visualise these membrane proteins in near atomic detail. In combination with biochemistry and biophysics, this can facilitate a complete understanding of how they function in the context of health and disease. This is often a necessary first step in the development of treatments and cures that can benefit society.

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The Staphylococcus aureus Type VII protein secretion system

Event | Wed 5 February 2020
Tracy Palmer is Professor of Microbiology in the Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University. She is an internationally-acclaimed molecular microbiologist who has made seminal contributions regarding bacterial protein secretion
Dr Diana Stojanovski, University of Melbourne

Mitochondrial Protein Import in Health and Disease

Event | Thu 17 October 2019
Mitochondrial function and cell viability require a functional and healthy mitochondrial proteome.

Joe Brock

Story | Thursday 4 July 2019
My group focuses on understanding the function of integral membrane transporters and receptors from a structural perspective.