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Howard in Mozambique

Preventing konzo - the retirement project of Professor Howard Bradbury, AM

Howard Bradbury followed in his father’s footsteps. “Dad was a chemist and he used to keep telling me stories about it all the time. I couldn’t understand what he said, but somehow something just rubbed off and so I always thought science would be real fun, so I just went into it. I must say I’ve enjoyed every minute."
What is konzo?

Let's make konzo disappear

There is a crippling disease slowly spreading through central and east Africa. It's called konzo and it attacks mainly young women and children, quite suddenly, causing irreversible paralysis of the legs.
Howard Bradbury

Preventing the scourge of Konzo

Tackling one of tropical Africa's crippling epidemic diseases has been an interesting and demanding retirement project, as HOWARD BRADBURY AM writes. Through our work, konzo has now been prevented in 16 villages, which has involved more than 10,000 people.