Research groups

ANU Groups associated with the CoETP are listed below. For a complete list of the Centre's members, please visit the CoETP's Our People page.

Badger Group - Photosynthetic functional genomics »

The Badger Group is focused on understanding the ways different photosynthetic organisms have adapted to efficiently fix CO2, where CO2 is a limiting substrate.

Byrt Group – Engineering plant membrane proteins and solute transport to increase yield security »

We work on engineering strategies to increase crop tolerance to salinity and drought, and to advance water filtration technology.

Chow Group - Thylakoid structure and function »

We investigate the structural organization of the thylakoid membrane; electron flow in leaves; quantification of Photosystem II; and photodamage.

Evans Group - Physiology of photosynthesis; interactions with nitrogen »

We study relating photosynthesis to nitrogen; CO2 diffusion within leaves; analysing how plants acclimate to their light environment.

Farquhar Group - Coordination of CO2 fixation and transpiration in plants »

Our research includes: photosynthesis and growth with N2 and water use of plants; stomatal physiology; isotopic composition of plants & global change science.

Price Group - The cyanobacterial CO2 concentrating mechanism and the use of synthetic biology to transfer it to C3 crop plants »

The Price lab is presently focusing on the molecular biology and physiology of photosynthesis in cyanobacteria (blue-green photosynthetic bacteria).

von Caemmerer Group - CO2 fixation and water loss of leaves »

We are investigating aspects of carbon acquisition by plants including the biochemistry of CO2 fixation and regulation of CO2 diffusion into and within leaves.

Whitney Group - Synthetic Photosynthesis - bioengineering enzymes to adjust carbon fixation »

We focus on the development and use of synthetic tools to scrutinize the biology of the most abundant protein, the photosynthetic CO2-fixing enzyme Rubisco.