Research groups

ANU research groups participating in the CoE of Plant Energy Biology are listed below. For a complete list of CoE PEB people, please visit the Plant Energy Biology: Our People web page.

Atkin Group

Atkin Group - Plant respiration in a changing world »

Atkin Group studies plant metabolic responses to environmental gradients, including how leaf respiration varies within and among biomes across the globe. 

Borevitz Group - Plant genomics for climate adaption »

We study the genetic basis of Climate Adaptation in foundation plant species, using state of the art Genomic and Phenomic techniques

Byrt Group – Engineering plant membrane proteins and solute transport to increase yield security »

We work on engineering strategies to increase crop tolerance to salinity and drought, and to advance water filtration technology.
Pogson Group

Pogson Group - Chloroplast to nuclear signalling: light, drought and carotenoids »

The overarching theme of our research is to determine the controls and regulators of communication between the chloroplast and nucleus.