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Games (Ages 5+)

Parasite memory game


How good is your memory? How fast can you match the pairs of parasites? 

» Play Parasite memory  


Games (Ages 10+ to adult)

Match the parasite with its host

Matching game thumb

Match the parasite to the disease it causes, or the host it infects!
» Play Match the parasite


Kill the parasites

game preview

Drag the correct drug and drop it on the parasite to kill it!
» Play Kill the parasites


Routes of infection

game preview

How does the parasite get into your body? Drag and drop the parasites from their sources to their sites of infection! For extra clues, hover your mouse over the parasite pictures!
» Play Routes of infection


Beyond the scary parasites

game preview

Welcome to our quiz about beneficial and useful parasites!
» Start the 'Beyond the scary parasites' quiz


Parasite detective

game preview

People are getting sick with strange symptoms. They're relying on you for a diagnosis! But how can you tell if they have a parasite?

» Play Parasite detective!


What parasite are you?

game preview

You're a parasite! Choose how to infect your host, where to live in your host's body, and how to evade your host's immune system to learn what parasite you are!

» Play What parasite are you?


Toxo lab 360 tour

game preview

Have you ever been inside a laboratory? Come on a tour of the Toxo lab at the ANU!

» Play Toxo lab 360 tour



quiz thumb

Leech speech! 

Did you know leeches have ring-shaped muscles? And that they make peace-sign or star-shaped bite marks? 

» Watch Leech speech


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