Marta Vidal-Garcia

Marta completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Barcelona (Spain) and University of Helsinki (Finland). During her undergraduate research, she mostly worked on morphological evolution of snakes. She completed her MSc studies at the University of the Basque Country (Spain), but conducted a Masters project in the Keogh Lab. Marta did a PhD under the supervision of Prof. Scott Keogh on evolution of body size and shape in Australian frogs. Currently, she is a postdoc in the Keogh Lab.

Personal website:

Research interests

I am interested in morphological evolution, and the processes and mechanisms shaping trait diversification. I use different morphometric techniques in order to study temporal patterns of body size and shape diversification, mostly using the Australian frogs as a model system. I am also interested in kinematics, and how locomotion diversity is driven by morphology and ecological factors.

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