Georg Weiller

Georg Weiller studied physics at the Technical University and Biology at the Ludwig-Maximilans University (both Munich, Germany) and received his PhD in 1987 studying mobile genetic elements in yeast mitochondria. This work was continued during a postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Texas, South Western Medical Center at Dallas, USA (1987-90). He was appointed to ANU as a research fellow (1990) and later fellow (1995) in bioinformatics to develop new computational analytical methods and software for sequence analysis and collaborate with experimentalists in data analysis.

Research interests

  • Development of novel computational approaches to sequence analysis
  • Non-coding RNA genes
  • Gene expression networks.

Recent grants

  • ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrative Legume Research, 2003-2010; $16,900,000; P Gresshoff; BG Rolfe, MB Singh, RJ Rose, BJ Carroll, CA Beveridge, U Mathesius, MA Djordjevic, PL Bhalla, GF Weiller, CR Parrish.>
  • ARC Discovery grant, 2008-2010, jointly with J Keith, P Adams, $240,000.

Selected publications

  • Frickey T, Weiller GF (2007). Mclip: Motif detection based on cliques of gapped local profile-to-profile alignments. Bioinformatics 23(4):502–503.
  • Frickey T, Weiller GF (2007). Analysing microarray data using CLANS. Bioinformatics 23(9):1170–1171.
  • Goffard N, Weiller GF (2007). GeneBins: a database for classifying gene expression data, with application to legume genome arrays. BMC Bioinformatics 8:87. doi:10.1186/1471-2105-8-87 (March 2007)
  • Goffard N, Weiller GF (2007). PathExpress: a web-based tool to identify relevant pathways in gene expression data. Nucleic Acids Research 35(Suppl 2):W176–W181.
  • Wen J, Parker, BJ, Weiller GF (2007) In silico identification and characterization of mRNA-like noncoding transcripts in Medicago truncatula. In Silico Biology 7:485–505. 
  • Benedito VA, Udvardi M, Weiller GF (2008). AffyTrees: facilitating comparative analysis of Affymetrix plant microarray chips. Plant Physiology 146:377–386.
  • Oelkers K, Goffard N, Weiller GF, Gresshof, PM, Mathesius U, Frickey T (2008). Bioinformatic analysis of the CLE signalling peptide family. BMC Plant Biology 8:1 doi:10.1186/1471-2229-8-1.
  • Wen J, Parker BJ, Weiller GF (2008). Analysis of structural strand asymmetry in non-coding RNAs. In: Brazma A, Miyano S, Akutsu T, (eds), Advances in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Imperial College Press. 
  • Holmes P, Goffard N, Weiller GF, Rolfe BG, Imin N (2008). Transcriptional profiling of Medicago truncatula meristematic root cells. BMC Plant Biology 8:21.
  • Weiller GF (2008). Detecting genetic recombination. In: Bioinformatics, Volume 1: Data, Sequence Analysis and Evolution. Methods in Molecular Biology, Keith JM (ed), Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey, 471–483. 
  • Goffard N, Weiller GF (2008). Identifying components of complexes. In: Bioinformatics, Volume 2: Structure, Function and Applications. Methods in Molecular Biology, Keith JM (ed), Humana Press, Totowa, New Jersey, 257–265. 
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  • Wen J, Frickey, T, Weiller GF (2008). Computational prediction of candidate miRNAs and their targets from Medicago truncatula non-protein-coding transcripts. In Silico Biology 8, 0024.
  • Goffard N, Frickey T, Imin N, Weiller GF (2008). Exploring the enzyme neighbourhood to interpret gene expression data. In: Beyer A, Schroeder M (eds), Lecture Notes in Informatics P-136, 21–29. 
  • Høgslund N, Radutoiu S, Krusell L, Voroshilova V, Hannah M, Goffard N, Sanchez DH, Lippold,F, Ott T, Sato S, Tabata S, Liboriussen P, Lohmann G, Schauser L, Weiller G, Udvardi M K, Stougaard J (2009). Legume transcriptomics: dissection of symbiosis and organ development by integrated transcriptome analysis of Lotus japonicus mutant and wild-type plants. PLoS One 4(8), e6556 DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0006556. 
  • Goffard N, Frickey T, Weiller GF (2009). PathExpress update: the enzyme neighbourhood method of associating gene-expression data with metabolic pathways.Nucleic Acids Research 37, W335–339. 
  • Hernández G, Valdés-López O, Ramirez M, Goffard N, Weiller G, Aparicio-Fabre, R, Fuentes S I, Erban A, Kopka J, Udvardi MK, Vance CP (2009). Phosphorus deficiency in common bean nodules: global changes in the transcript and metabolic profiles during symbiotic nitrogen fixation in phosphorus-stressed common bean plants. Plant Physiology 151(3), 1221–1238. 
  • Hueber SD, Weiller GF, Djordjevic MA, Frickey T (2010). Improving Hox protein classification across the major model organisms. PLoS One 5(5), e10820 doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0010820. 

Selected computer programs

  • RAPDistance - Armstrong J, Gibbs A, Peakall R, Weiller GF
    A PC-DOS program suite that determines the distances between DNA samples using the presence of shared RFLP or RAPD segments
  • DiPloMO - Weiller GF
    An interactive computer graphics application for windows that uses the distance plot principle in a new and powerful approach to phylogenetic analysis
  • TreDis - Weiller GF
    A C++ program that finds the patristic distances between all taxa in a phylogenetic tree
  • GPRIME - Armstrong JS, Gibbs AJ, Weiller GF 
    A program package for designing degenerative PCR primers that are specific to a group of aligned homologous nucleotide sequences
  • PhylPro - Weiller GF
    An interactive computer graphics application for Windows 95/NT that provides a new and sensitive approach to recombination analysis
  • TransAlign - Weiller GF 
    A Java program package for aligning coding nucleotide sequences according to the corresponding amino acid alignments 
  • BlatView - Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    A Java program that displays ESTs mapped to a genome
  • CLANS - Frickey T, Weiller GF
    Microarray analysis using CLANS.

Selected Webservers

  • GeneBins - Goffard N, Weiller GF 
    A databse for classifying gene expression data, application to plant genome arrays
  • Mclip - Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    Motif detection based on cliques of profile-profile alignments
  • CLANS - Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    Microarray analysis using CLANS
  • PathExpress - Goffard N, Weiller GF 
    A web-based tool to identify relevant pathways in gene expression data
  • AffyTrees - Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    Facilitates comparative analysis of Affymetrix plant microarray chips
  • Medicago-MIRATdb - Wen J, Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    Medicago truncatula putative miRNA and target database
  • Web-CLUEs - Frickey T, Weiller GF 
    Web-based CLUstering of expression data 
  • MotifDraw - Frickey T, Weiller GF
    Create a graphical representation of a motif .