Angela McGaughran

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I completed my PhD in late 2009, working on phylogeography and ecophysiology of Antarctic invertebrates (springtails and mites) at Massey University (New Zealand).  I then completed a ~4-year post-doc at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology (Department for Evolutionary Biology) in Tuebingen, Germany. This post-doc focused on population genomics of a nematode, Pristionchus pacificus from La Reunion Island, and also branched out into ecological perspectives (e.g., natural variaition in several traits, including cold tolerance, chemo-attraction, rates of male production).  In mid-2014, I moved to Canberra to work at CSIRO in conjunction with the University of Melbourne, where I focused on comparative genomics of the moth genus, Helicoverpa.  While based at CSIRO, I developed a DECRA proposal focused on the population genomics of rapid evolution in insecticide resistance in Helicoverpa armigera.  I began working on this project in earnest in February 2016, taking up a DECRA fellowship here at ANU.

Research interests

I am primarily interested in combining genomic and ecological approaches to examine evolutionary processes. My current project will use historical genomes to work out the genomic architecture underlying rapid evolution of insecticide resistance in Australian moths.

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