Richard Turner


Natural environments are currently changing at unprecedented rates. Determining how species respond to environmental and ecological change is paramount to understanding population dynamics, and as such is of considerable interest to behavioural ecologists and conservation biologists. My PhD seeks to disentangle the eco-evolutionary processes that affect survival in a wild-population of superb fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus), in which three decades of continuous monitoring has identified a dramatic 50% decline in population size.

Research Interests

  • Predator-prey dynamics
  • Phenotypic plasticity
  • Evolution of cooperative breeding
  • Parental care
  • Responding to climate change
  • Sexual selection​


2017 - 2018 | MSc Evolutionary & Behavioural Ecology
Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Station d’Écologie Théorique et Expérimentale, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, France

2013 - 2017 | BSc (Hons.) Animal Biology
School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom