Pawan Parajuli

Pawan Parajuli received his MSc from the Department of Biotechnology, Osmania University, India in 2010. After his MSc, he worked as a research assistant at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (2011-2012) and Mycobacterial Research Laboratory, the Leprosy Mission Nepal (2012-2015). He was also a visiting lecturer at the SANN international college, Kathmandu, Nepal (2011-2015). He then returned to study in 2016 for a PhD with an Endeavour Scholarships in the Verma Lab. His PhD research aims in understanding the function of bacteriophage-encoded genes in Shigella flexneri evolution, serotype diversification and virulence. He is particularly interested in working at the interface of bioinformatics and lab based functional genomics research.

Research interests

Microbial genetics
Functional genomics
Molecular pathogenesis and evolution of emerging infectious diseases

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