Evo is ready for Mecho, but is Mecho ready for Evo?

Date & time

1–2pm 22 May 2014


Gould Seminar Room,
(Rm 235) Gould Building (Bldg. 116),
Linnaeus Way, ANU.


Danielle Sulikowski, Comparative Cognition Laboratory, School of Psychology, Charles Sturt University, NSW.


 Ajay Narendra
 02 6125 4799


In the spirit of Evo-Devo, Evo- Mecho, the integration of function and mechanism in the study of animal behaviour, is gathering steam. This is especially true with respect to cognitive mechanisms. But the meta-theoretical issues within the field of cognitive psychology may limit the effectiveness of applying that field’s current theories and perspectives to investigations of adaptive animal behaviour. I will present some of my own attempts to apply cognitive theory to foraging ecology - investigating the cognitive mechanisms that underpin foraging in the noisy miner bird for foods with different natural distributions. I will suggest that Evo-Mecho, if it is to succeed, may need to become the impetus for a new brand of ‘cognitive ecology'.

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