FoodTech Startup Masterclass

Could your work be a missing link in a pathway to impact? Come and meet people outside your discipline, learn together how to apply iterative thinking to achieve impact. Challenge yourself to think outside the box, to explore a FoodTech innovation that may just change the world.

In this three hour workshop, you’ll learn the basics of the Lean Startup Method, which parallels the scientific method in a loop that can be described as Build-Measure-Learn.

You may be surprised with what you walk away with, whether it’s a new multi-disciplinary idea for impact, or just a new way to approach your current work. But if you already have an entrepreneurial idea, you’ll come away with a clear set of next steps to take, if a Startup is right for you.

Hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurial Agri-Technology

Presented by Cicada Growlab