AC Lab System and Touchscreen booking demonstration

Demonstration of UniLab lab touchscreen and lab cast, and ACLS booking system.

UniLab Moxy works with any booking system:

  • Easy user access with new lab touchscreen system (works with any booking system)
  • Cast live bookings, demonstrator screen, and notifications to any TV/display (works with any booking system).
  • ACLS is a comprehensive and mature system, developed by UNSW for University instrument management.
  • Simple user dashboard tiles and G-Cal-like interface with email notifications, ics for Outlook.
  • Flexible: manage user training and access levels, set internal, external, off-peak etc. pricing.
  • Comprehensive reporting options and quick-reference dashboards.
  • Users select validated GLC from drop-down lists, integrated with PeopleSoft, batch invoicing.
  • Consumables shopping cart for users, sample tracking, forms, document and video repositories.
  • Used by scienific and medical institutes, and over a dozen Australian universities.
  • Experienced and responsive service team, competive pricing.