Ecology and Evolution Seminar Series

Seminars from the RSB Division of Ecology and Evolution (E&E).

Upcoming events

12–1pm 25 February 2020
Michael Kasumovic, University of New South Wales
Are you actually reading this? Oh wow. Okay... I wasn't really ready for that. Umm, geez...alright, this talk is going to be about video games and why people play them. A little bit about how we can use technology to explore human behaviour.
12–1pm 3 March 2020
Marie Herberstein, Macquarie University
Batesian mimics are deliciously palatable species that gain protection from a predator by resembling a defended or unpalatable model. Theory predicts that mimics that closely resemble their model should have the greatest advantage, while inaccurate mimics should be recognised and attacked by predators.