Community disassembly: dissecting plant-insect food webs in New Guinea rain forests

Date & time

1–2pm 6 May 2014


Gould Seminar Room, (Rm 235) Gould Building (Bldg. 116), Linnaeus Way, ANU


Professor George Wieblen, Department of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota


 Ajay Narendra
 02 612 54799


Tropical forests support most of the Earth’s living species, are threatened by human activities, and are poorly understood relative to other ecosystems. Interactions among tropical insects and plants are a logical target for biodiversity discovery because they comprise most named species and the intimacy of their associations is a key parameter in predicting how many have yet to be named. Collaboration with indigenous citizen scientists in New Guinea enables our team to engage in ecological experiments, taxonomy, and phylogenetics to dissect tropical plant-insect food webs.

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