Hormosira banksii in high intertidal rockpools on Kainga Reef, Burrawarra Point, NSW

Hormosira banksia 'Neptune's necklace' algae


This project examines seasonal variation in growth of rocky tidal algae on the NSW coast.

Growth in vesicle number is measured from photographs of individual fronds on designated plants recognized from prints from the last visit. Pools on the central part of the reef can be accessed easily and have been followed for two years. In pools at the edge of the reef growth was faster than on the mid-reef in the summer, probably because they are almost continuously washed by waves. Current work attempts direct comparisons all through the year but depends on the coincidence of low tides and a calm sea. Recruitment and mortality of individual plants has been monitored in the central pools for nine years.

This project is being conducted by Jo Jones, visiting fellow in the Nicotra lab.

For more on this topic see:

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