Postdoctoral Fellowships

The ANU Research School of Biology (RSB), is looking to consolidate and expand its research activity in areas relevant to its key research strengths. With this in mind the School is keen to attract and support early- and mid-career researchers holding ARC or NHMRC Fellowships.

ARC Future Fellowships, NHMRC Career Development Awards and NHMRC Research Fellowships

Those holding any of these Fellowships in the Research School of Biology have ‘group leader’ status and, as such, receive significant research support from the School. Those coming from outside the School may receive support to help them to establish their research laboratory. All group leaders are provided with an annual research budget, allocated on the basis of a range of research and teaching indicators. Assessment of research performance includes consideration of the number of papers published in recent years the number of citations attracted by these papers, and the value of the research grants held. Financial support is provided for each PhD and Hons student supervised, and contributions to the undergraduate teaching curriculum are rewarded with additional research support.

In addition to receiving an annual budget allocation based on research and teaching performance, those group leaders who are ARC and NHMRC Research Fellows but who don’t have a continuing position in the School have returned to them as research support the full amount of the RIBG/JRE earnings that the Fellowship award earns for the School.

Together, these mechanisms deliver significant research funding to high-performing ARC and NHMRC Research Fellows.

With regard to employment conditions, the award of an ARC or NHMRC Research Fellowship does not guarantee the person involved an appointment beyond the tenure of the Fellowship. If the School is in a position to make a continuing appointment the general policy will be to advertise the position internationally, with Fellows in the relevant area encouraged to apply.

Those interested in submitting an application for an ARC or NHMRC Fellowship through the School should contact either the School Director or the Head of the relevant Research Division:

ARC DECRA Fellowships and NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

Those people holding either a DECRA or an NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowship at RSB will be aligned with one (or several) of the labs in the School and will have full access to the School’s research infrastructure. The School will provide mentoring, to help in the transition to an independent research career.

All those holding Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards or NHMRC Postdoctoral Fellowships through RSB will receive a salary loading so that they are paid at ANU salary level B1. The cost of the difference between this salary level and the salary support provided by the ARC will be borne by the School, thus ensuring that 100% of the ARC research funds remain at the disposal of the Award holder.

Those who contribute to the undergraduate teaching curriculum will earn additional research support from the School.

Commencing 2014, those holding a DECRA will receive $30K in research support funds (allocated at $10K per year for the three years of the grant) to help establish their research/laboratory.

NHMRC Fellowship holders who do not have an underlying continuing appointment, will be eligible for consideration for a post-Fellowship safety net of up to two years subject to meeting performance criteria set by the University.

Those interested in submitting an application for an ARC or NHMRC Fellowship through the School should contact either the School Director or the Head of the relevant Research Division:

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