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We work on a wide range of questions in macroecology, macroevolution, biogeography, community ecology and conservation biology. Most of our research is computational, using a comparative or modelling approach, and we have research projects that use plants, mammals, and birds as empirical case studies. We are interested in general theoretical questions aimed at understanding the evolutionary processes underlying large-scale biodiversity patterns, but we also have an ongoing interest in the biogeography, phylogeny and evolution of  Australian plants, especially the family Proteaceae.

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Marcel Cardillo

Marcel Cardillo
I did my PhD at the University of Queensland, then spent a few years in the UK, first at the Institute of Zoology, then at...

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Selected recent publications

Cardillo, M., Weston, P.H., Reynolds, Z.M., Olde, P.M., Mast, A.R., Lemmon, E., Lemmon, A.R., Bromham, L. (2017) The phylogeny and biogeography of Hakea (Proteaceae) reveals the role of biome shifts in a continental plant radiation. Evolution 71: 1928-1943

Skeels, A. & Cardillo, M. (2017) Environmental niche conservatism explains the accumulation of species richness in Mediterranean-hotspot plant genera. Evolution  71: 582-594

Cardillo, M. & Warren, D.L. (2016) Analyzing patterns of spatial and niche overlap among species at multiple resolutions. Global Ecology & Biogeography 25: 951-963

Cardillo, M. & Skeels, A. (2016) Spatial, phylogenetic, environmental and biological components of variation in extinction risk: a case study using Banksia. PLoS One

Duchene, D. & Cardillo, M. (2015) Phylogenetic patterns in bird geographic distributions support the tropical conservatism hypothesis. Global Ecology & Biogeography 24: 1261-1268

Cardillo, M. (2015) Geographic range shifts do not erase the historic signal of speciation in mammals. The American Naturalist 185: 343-353

Warren, D.L., Cardillo, M., Rosauer, D.F., Bolnick, D.I. (2014) Mistaking geography for biology: inferring processes from species distributions. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 29: 572-580

Cardillo, M. & Pratt, R.C. (2013) Evolution of a hotspot genus: geographic variation in speciation and extinction rates in Banksia (Proteaceae). BMC Evolutionary Biology 13: 155


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Russell Dinnage, Marcel Cardillo & Gavin Huttley (together with Owain Edwards from CSIRO) have been awarded a CBA Ignition Grant, "Characterizing the evolutionary and ecological diversity of invertebrates in the Monsoonal vine thickets of the Kimberley".
Bringing together researchers from a range of fields can help solve complex problems, but research from ANU has found interdisciplinary research is consistently short changed.
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The School has done very well with regards to Discovery projects and DECRA fellowships.  Congratulations to all successful applicants.




Marcel Cardillo

A major current focus is the amazing plant diversity of Australia’s southwest corner.

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