Research School of Biology Scientist wins Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

Graham Farquhar has won Australia’s top science prize, in recognition of his work that transformed our understanding of the biological process that is the...

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Distinguished Professor Graham Farquhar AO, credit Stuart Hay

'Plumbing' failure kills tallest rainforest trees

Vulnerability to internal plumbing failure puts the tallest trees in rainforests at increased risk of death during drought, a study in the Amazon forests in

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Panels and dead tree Cax drought plot

Diabetes Australia grant awarded to Stefan Broer

Professor Stefan Broer has been awarded a Diabetes Australia grant to study the targeting of amino acid transport to treat type 2 diabetes.  The award was an

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Australian Researchers Take On G20 Challenge To Make Energy Efficient Wheat

A team of Australian researchers will contribute to a G20 nations plan to strengthen future, global food security by making more energy efficient wheat.

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Gastronomics: Human genomics meets consumer science

Humans vary in their ability to smell many odours with variation within odorant receptor (OR) genes contributing to these differences.

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RSB researchers win International Wheat Yield Partnership grant

As part of a large international effort to increase wheat yields and boost food security, researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Pho

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Measuring photosynthesis of wheat plants

ARC Discovery projects and DECRA fellowships

The School has done very well with regards to Discovery projects and DECRA fellowships.  Congratulations to all successful applicants.

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ARC logo

Rock-wallaby interbreeding causes rethink on evolution

Scientists have discovered that rock-wallabies living in north east Queensland are sharing genetic material despite belonging to six different species.

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Rock-wallaby and joey. Photo by Henry Cook.

The Research School of Biology is devoted to the study of biological processes in plants, animals and humans. It is home to over 60 academics and their research groups (Labs), which for purposes of research support and administration are subdivided into three Divisions: Plant SciencesEvolution, Ecology and Genetics, and Biomedical Sciences and Biochemistry.

The Research School of Biology supports academic groups with significant facilities and infrastructure, such as plant growth facilities, green houses, animal housing and a pool of large equipment. The School has a Mass Spectrometry Facility for metabolomics and proteomics and together with CSIRO Pant Industry houses the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility.

The Divisions and each of the infrastructure areas are supported by teams of professional staff. RSB academics participate in three ARC Centres of Excellence and are supported by grants from large variety of sources.

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