The secret sanctuaries of Ningaloo reef

You might think seaweed is the annoying stuff that washes up on beaches, and gets caught in your boat motors, paddle or fishing gear. But ANU marine scientists...

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ANU Honours student Isis Lim and her supervisor Dr Chris Fulton of the Research School of Biology surveying fish and seaweed habitat at Ningaloo. (Photo: Mae Noble)

Trigger found for defence to rice crop disease

Biologists have discovered how the rice plant's immune system is triggered by disease, in a discovery that could boost crop yields and lead to more disease-...

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Benjamin Schwessinger with pots of rice

Exhibition: The League of Remarkable Women in Australian Science

The exhibition 'The League of Remarkable Women in Australian Science'  will be held at the CSIRO Discovery Gallery Room from  5-31 August. This exhibition,...

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Plant scientist Professor Susanne von Caemmerer. Photo credit Charles Tambiah

How birds learn foreign languages

After only two days of training, fairy wrens learnt to flee when they heard an alarm call that was foreign to them, showing that birds can learn to eavesdrop...

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Fairy wren. Image credit: Jessica-McLachlan

Going genomic - Using science to improve food security

The rapid advances in genomic sequencing have important implications for policymakers, write Justin Borevitz and John Rivers. This article was originally...

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Image by James Almond on Flickr:

A cuckoo finch in sheep's clothing

Cuckoo finches in Africa have adopted a unique disguise to help them lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, biologists have found.

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Beating malaria: All guns to bear

Groups of scientists across ANU are teaming up to fight one of the world's most deadly diseases.

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Dr Phuong Tran at the ANU Research School of Biology. Photo: Stuart Hay, ANU

New target to treat type 2 diabetes

Australian researchers have discovered a link between protein intake and improved control of blood glucose in mice, opening the way for potential new...

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Image: Sohal Parvez Haque, Flickr.

The Research School of Biology is devoted to the study of biological processes in plants, animals and humans. It is home to over 60 academics and their research groups (Labs), which for purposes of research support and administration are subdivided into three Divisions: Plant SciencesEvolution, Ecology and Genetics, and Biomedical Sciences and Biochemistry.

The Research School of Biology supports academic groups with significant facilities and infrastructure, such as plant growth facilities, green houses, animal housing and a pool of large equipment. The School has a Mass Spectrometry Facility for metabolomics and proteomics and together with CSIRO Pant Industry houses the High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre of the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility.

The Divisions and each of the infrastructure areas are supported by teams of professional staff. RSB academics participate in three ARC Centres of Excellence and are supported by grants from large variety of sources.

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