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Dr Verónica Albrecht studied plants systematics and ecology at the University of Ulm, Germany, before switching to molecular biology analysing calcium signalling in higher plants as part of her doctor thesis under the supervision of Dr Jörg Kudla. After her PhD, at 2002 she continued with a postdoc position at the ETH, Zurich, in the laboratory of Professor Klaus Apel in an independent project, analysing chloroplast development in Arabidospis thaliana. A novel group of chloroplast biogenesis mutans were identified named as snowy cotyledon. In 2008 Veronica moved to The Australian National University for a Research Associate position and the snowy cotyledon project is now continued in the lab of Professor Barry Pogson as part of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology.


Research interests

Studies showed how important chloroplast development is already during germination for later plant vitality, seed set, and growth. Plants, even though they exhibit normal chloroplast development in the true leaves, when affected in chloroplast development in cotyledons, the embryonic leaves of germinating seedlings, are reduced in their vitality. Thus, it is even more important to understand the regulation and mechanism of chloroplast development to be able to further investigate on plant vitality for improving crops.

Therefore, our research interest is to analyse chloroplast development in seedlings, studying the newly identified mutant group snowy cotyledon, which resulted in the identification of novel proteins involved in chloroplast biogenesis. These mutants will be analysed and used as tools to further investigate the regulation mechanism of chloroplast development in seedlings, which encompasses not only the nucleus and chloroplast but also other organelles.


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    (* = corresponding author)

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