Mid-year honours/masters initial seminars


The students will tell us about the research they plan to undertake in the coming year. The talks provide a great chance for us to learn about their projects, and for the students to get valuable feedback on their research directions. I encourage you to attend as many talks as possible. The schedule of the seminars is:

Honours/Masters initial seminars (session 1)
Tuesday 8th August Slatyer Lecture Theatre (DA Brown Building)
Chair: Dean Price

1.00-1.20 Erin Hill Identification of effectors in the spot blotch pathogen Bipolaris sorokiniana
1.20-1.40 Courtney Winning The role and regulation of UmamiT amino acid transporters in legume nodulation
1.40-2.00 Bethany Stone Investigating the role of epigenetics in stress response and mitotic stress memory in plants
2.00-2.20 Rebecca Mann Epigenetic regulation of division of labour in the honey bee
2:20-2:35 tea break

Chair: Giel van Dooren

2.35-2.55 Kate Sivonen The effect of poly acrylic acid bound cisplatin on cancer cell monolayers
2.55-3.15 Ananya Kumar Structure and function of O-Antigen Phosphoethanolamine transferase of Shigella flexneri
3.15-3.35 Dian Nigtyas Platelet-erythrocyte interactions in malarial infection
3:35-3:55 Vimalan Ganeshan Understanding Coenzyme A transport into the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Honours/Masters initial seminars (session 2)
Wednesday 9th August Gould seminar room (bldg 116)

Chair: Rob Magrath
1.00-1.20 Lauren Ascah Vocal mimicry & deception by the brown thornbills
1.20-1.40 Rebecca Sullivan Effects of temperature on foraging behaviour and chick provisioning
1.40-2.00 Natalie Tegtman The design & interpretation of fairy-wren alarm signals
2.00-2.15 tea break
2.15-2.35 Sarah Stock Quantifying the correlates of the risk of extinction in Australian frogs
2.35-2.55 Bronte Sinclair Gender Differences in Roles at Scientific Conferences

Date & time

1–3.55pm 8 August 2017
1–3pm 9 August 2017


Slatyer seminar room, D A Brown building (Tuesday)

Gould seminar room, Gould building (Wednesday)


Mid-year Honours and Masters students for 2017/18


 Giel van Dooren

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