Honours and Masters final seminars


Schedule is as follows: 

Honours/Masters final seminars (session 2B, PS students - 1/1)  
Tuesday 19th September 2017 Slatyer seminar room (bldg 47)
  Chair: Dean Price (or delegate)
1.30-1.50 Katia Taylor Investigating how CEP signalling peptides affect senescence in Medicago truncatula
1.50-2.10 Brad Posch Too hot to handle? Identifying traits that confer heat tolerance in wheat
2.10-2.30 Joseph Boileau Characterisation of the biological activity of root to shoot peptides found in the xylem sap of a wide range of plants
2.30-2.50 tea break  
2.50-3.10 Chris Gauthier-Coles An interspecific comparison of cytokinin's effects on nodule development
3.10-3.30 Yuzhen Fan C4 mitochondiral respiratory response to temperature in vivo
3.30-3.50 Stephanie Skinner Using aquaporins to manipulate CO2 transport in plants
End of session 2B
Honours/Masters final seminars (session 3, E&E students - 1/1)  
Wednesday 20th September 2017 Gould seminar room (bldg 116)
  Chair: Rob Magrath (or delegate)
1.30-1.50 Eleanor Beavan Understanding rates of molecular evolution in eucalypts
1.50-2.10 Sarah Martin The impact of sodium in diet selection of Australian eucalypt folivores
2.10-2.30 Richa Harnal Micro CT - a novel tool for the microanalysis of parasites
2.30-2.50 Jamie Robertson What roles do PfCRT and PfMDR1 play in the malaria parasite's acquisition of amodiaquine resistance?
2.50-3.10 tea break  
3.10-3.30 Zoe Mielens Fire seeking abilites of Merimna atrata
3.30-3.50 Lauren Harrison Males vs females: Sex-specific genetic variation in seed beetles
3.50-4.10 You Zhou The efficiency of interspecific eavesdropping in noisy environments
End of session 3
Honours/Masters final seminars (session 4, BSB students - 1/2)  
Thursday 21st September 2017 Slatyer seminar room (bldg 47)
  Chair: Giel van Dooren (or delegate)
1.30-1.50 Linden Muellner-Wong Elucidating the function of novel proteins in the mitochondria of Toxoplasma gondii
1.50-2.10 Merryn Fraser Lipids as a potential target for novel anti-malarial drugs
2.10-2.30 Chelisa Cardinez Analysis of heterozygous missense mutation in IKBKB gene 
2.30-2.50 tea break
2.50-3.10 Vicky Zhang Characterising the regulatory effects of splice variants of pfcrt and amdat
3.10-3.30 Jiansi Long The influence of mortise-tenon joints on OmpF stability
3.30-3.50 Amanda Ling The research-teaching nexus: undergraduate science students
End of session 4
Honours/Masters final seminars (session 5,  BSB students - 2/2)  
Friday 22nd September 2017 Slatyer seminar room (bldg 47)
  Chair: Giel van Dooren (or delegate)
1.30-1.50 Sai Pavani Divakarla Versatility and limitations of an in vitro autotransporter-based recombinant protein production platform
1.50-2.10 Xuexin Gao Does tumour bioenergetic metabolism offer a novel treatment for drug resistance?
2.10-2.30 Genevieve Aisbett Identification of genes involved in axial patterning in sponges
2.30-2.50 Sarah Perry Evolutionary history of the endomesoderm: the β-catenin perspective
2.50-3.10 tea break
3.10-3.30 Fergus Harrison Redesign and engineer the autotransporter β-barrel for enhanced stability
3.30-3.50 Emily Green Fine mapping and cloning of wheat genes conferring resistance to STB
3.50-4.10 Della Rinarta Engineering the tomato I gene and identification of signalling partners
End of session 5

Date & time

1.30pm 19 September 2017
1.30pm 20 September 2017
1.30pm 21 September 2017
1.30pm 22 September 2017


Slatyer seminar room, Gould seminar room


Honours and Masters students


 Naomi Langmore

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