Comparative phylogeography and diversity of Australian Monsoonal Tropics lizards

Date & time

3–3.30pm 28 April 2017


Gould Seminar Room (Rm 235), Bldg 116, Gould Building, Daley Road, ANU


Rebecca Laver, Moritz Group, E&E, RSB


 Audra Johnstone
 6125 2866


Surveys revealing new species and endemism “hotspots” have just started to uncover true biodiversity levels within the remote tropical savannahs of the Kimberley (Western Australia). Using geckos as a model system I took a comparative phylogeographic approach, integrating advanced next-generation genetics and morphology to assess diversity patterns across ecologically variable taxa. I discovered high levels of cryptic diversity and possible “refugia” where diversity persists through harsh conditions. These findings indicate diversification patterns are shaped by complex interactions of climatic variation, topography, and species’ ecology, allowing inference of biogeographic history and a greater ability to predict impacts of future environmental change.

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